Can an IPL Photofacial Make Me Look Younger?

Can an IPL Photofacial Make Me Look Younger?

Does the face you see in the mirror look old to you? That doesn’t have to be the case! Your facial skin is exposed to various stresses, such as frequent damaging rays from the sun. This causes your face to be one of the first places where signs of age become visible.

For great anti-aging and facial rejuvenation results, get in touch with the skincare and dermatology experts at A to Z Dermatology of Mesa and Sun City, Arizona. Our team offers procedures such as IPL photorejuvenation that can turn back the clock on your facial appearance.

Anti-aging results with IPL photofacial treatment

Sun damage, stress, and more take a toll on your skin. Cells break down more rapidly when exposed to the sun. And, as you get older, cellular repair slows. Once you’re in your 30s, your natural production of proteins such as collagen and elastin starts to slow. Dark spots of concentrated melanin can form age spots.

After your IPL photofacial, your skin looks firmer, smoother, and fresher. With rejuvenated skin, your whole facial appearance is more youthful, showing you what you want to see when you see your reflection.

This procedure offers you a non-invasive way to get great anti-aging results. Skip out on surgery, and see what an IPL photofacial treatment can do for you! You can look decades younger with just this one simple treatment.

How an IPL photofacial works

The A to Z Dermatology team offers the latest cosmetic and anti-aging enhancements. Let us be your guide to how an IPL photofacial can take years off of your face.

Your IPL treatment uses the power of intense pulsed light to transform your skin, from the top layers down to the deep layers of your dermis. The targeted light energy doesn’t harm your skin, which absorbs it in the form of heat.

Instead, the IPL technology breaks up blemishes on the surface of your skin. That reduces age spots, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, melasma, birthmarks, and visible veins!

IPL also encourages renewed collagen production in the deeper layers, increasing elasticity and skin firmness. Increasing your collagen production is an effective way to address facial scarring, including acne scars. Your results build up through the treatment process, with the best results seen about 6-12 weeks after your final treatment session.

Your anti-aging treatment plan

Your A to Z Dermatology provider may recommend multiple treatment sessions for best results. We space out your treatments by several weeks, giving your skin time to respond to treatment. You don’t need to plan for downtime after treatment, although you may see mild swelling or redness following your IPL procedure.

To learn more about this effective yet harmless way to target imperfections at every layer of your skin, contact the team at A to Z Dermatology today. Are you ready to turn back the clock on your appearance and get a more youthful look? Schedule your initial consultation appointment with our team online or over the phone now.

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