Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin Q&A

What causes itchy skin?

Itchy skin can be a side effect of many underlying conditions. The team at A to Z Dermatology diagnoses and treats a variety of common causes of itchy skin, including:

  • Dry skin
  • Rashes
  • Hives
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Fungal infections

You might also develop itchy skin because of underlying medical conditions like diabetes or a thyroid disorder. If you have allergies, itchy skin can develop if you use certain products that irritate your skin or come into contact with pollen or other environmental allergens.

When should I seek treatment for itchy skin?

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation for itchy skin at A to Z Dermatology if you’re not finding relief with moisturizers or over-the-counter anti-itch creams. You also need an evaluation for itchy skin if the itching lasts longer than six weeks or worsens with home care.

If left untreated, itchy skin can lead to skin infections due to persistent scratching. Scratching can also cause permanent skin damage that leads to scarring.

The team will physically examine your skin, checking for redness, swelling, and signs of infection. They may also scrape off a sample of your skin for further evaluation under a microscope or order blood tests to identify underlying medical issues that contribute to itchy skin.

How is itchy skin treated?

If over-the-counter topicals aren’t enough to relieve the itching in your skin, the team at A to Z Dermatology may recommend prescription ointments or corticosteroid injections.

To treat conditions like eczema and psoriasis, you might need other types of medication to treat existing flare-ups and prevent new ones. Antifungal medications are available to clear fungal infections.

The dermatologist may also suggest skin care products from Rhonda Allison® that you can use to hydrate your skin and prevent dryness and flaking. If you have skin allergies, you may need to avoid certain products that irritate your skin. The team may recommend allergy medications or topicals to relieve persistent itching.

Don’t suffer in silence because of itchy skin. Schedule a skin evaluation online or by calling the A to Z Dermatology office nearest you today.

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